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Who is Teufeurs?

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From zero to hero: the story of TeufeurS, the gambling streamer

TeufeurS, more commonly known as “Teuf” by his real name Kylian, is a unique phenomenon in the world of streaming. Originally from Le Mans, this 29-year-old young man has stood out through his atypical career path and his passion for online gambling.

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The start of an adventure

It all started in April 2016, when Teuf decided to launch on Twitch. Unlike many streamers who were already well-established and often wealthy before they started, Teuf comes from a humble background. A former truck driver, he had to give up his profession following a car accident which left him disabled. Without a job and without a driver's license, he turns to streaming to fill his days and try to earn a living.

The meteoric rise

Quickly, Teuf gained popularity thanks to his humor and authenticity. His streams on, where he mainly plays online casino games, attract thousands of viewers each evening. He is joined by his sidekicks Antho and Dim, and together they provide their community with hours of non-stop entertainment.

But what really sets Teuf apart is its incredible success story. Starting from nothing, he managed to transform an initial investment of €6,000 into more than a million euros in just one week. A feat that earned him the nickname “streaming millionaire”.

Source: MAYKI MOON video on YouTube.

A man of many facets

Beyond his success in streaming, Teuf is also an entrepreneur. He launched several projects, including, a site dedicated to his community, and NFTalk, a blog dedicated to NFTs. Passionate about watches, he also has an impressive collection estimated at more than a million euros.

Ethical challenges

Of course, Teuf's journey is not without controversy. The promotion of online gambling raises ethical questions, especially since many young people watch it and might be tempted to follow its example. However, Teuf is always transparent with his community and regularly reminds us of the dangers of gambling.


The story of TeufeurS is that of a man who knew how to bounce back from adversity and transform a passion into a flourishing career. His journey inspires and shows that with determination, perseverance and a good dose of luck, anything is possible.

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