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Who is Bidule casino?

Bidule casino: From its beginnings on YouTube to recognition on Twitch

On March 26, 2014, Bidule, a young passionate streamer, published his first gambling video on the Internet. Seven years later, he became the number 1 French-speaking player in the Slots category on Twitch. In this article, we invite you to discover Bidule's exceptional journey, her bold choices, her significant moments and her aspirations for the future.

The first steps in the world of streaming

It all started in 2012 when Adrien, better known under the pseudonym Bidule, launched his first YouTube channel dedicated to Minecraft. Two years later, he turned to CS:GO, discovering the fascinating world of gambling and gambling. Quickly, he was able to bring together a solid community around him. “I remember that time when I bought €50 PaysafeCards to get skins,” he remembers with nostalgia.

Challenges and successes

After obtaining his scientific baccalaureate, Bidule began studying computer engineering. However, his passion for CS:GO skins betting pushed him to make a bold decision: leave his studies and move to Malta. This decision marked a decisive turning point in his career, opening the doors to the world of online casinos.

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The rise on Twitch

Although his first YouTube channel was deleted in 2020, Bidule has not given up. He quickly bounced back by starting a new channel, while primarily focusing on Twitch. In the space of two years, thanks to his dedication and the quality of his streams, he has become the leader among French-speaking slot streamers.

Memorable winnings

As a high-stakes player, Bidule has had his ups and downs. However, some of his winnings will remain forever engraved in his memory, like the one where he transformed €1,500 into more than €313,000 during a game of Mega Ball.

A promising future

With the explosion of the slots category on Twitch, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bidule remains optimistic about the future of online casino streaming. “I still have many ideas and a lot of ambition,” he says enthusiastically.

In conclusion

Bidule's journey is a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to get started in streaming. Thanks to his perseverance, his passion and his daring choices, he was able to stand out and reach the top of the slots category on Twitch.

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