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Sticky Bees™

Discover Sticky Bees™ and reap sweet rewards!

The Sticky Bees™ online casino game is a real hive of winnings and fun. Immerse yourself in this fruity and vibrant universe where bees will guide you to delicious rewards. Get ready for a captivating gaming experience with unique features and extraordinary winning opportunities.

Dive into the fruity world of Sticky Bees™


In this first paragraph, we invite you to discover the vibrant and fruity atmosphere of Sticky Bees™. Learn how fruity symbols, such as cherries, plums, strawberries, and watermelon, can lead to exceptional winning combinations.

clusters of winnings and lucky bees


Find out how forming winning clusters of fruit will trigger an avalanche of new symbols, increasing your chances of landing big wins. Lucky Bees also play a key role in transforming symbols to create more winning opportunities.

Free spins and wild bees


In this section, we introduce you to the free spins feature of Sticky Bees™. When you activate this feature by getting three scatter wild symbols, you get five free spins. Wild bees play a crucial role during this feature, leaving frames on the reels to create wild multipliers of up to 5x.

High volatility for extraordinary gains


Find out why Sticky Bees™ is a high volatility game, offering exceptional winning opportunities. With 7 rows and 7 reels, as well as 20 paylines, every spin is an opportunity to hit the jackpot. With a bet multiplier of 20 and a max win of x10,000, the possibilities for winning are endless.


Release date and how to play Sticky Bees™


In this last section, we inform you that Sticky Bees™ will be available from May 25, 2023. We also invite you to consult your account manager to add this game to your collection. Enjoy an exceptional gaming experience and let the bees guide you to a sweet harvest of winnings.

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