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Kingdom of The Dead™

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Kingdom of The Dead™ - New game release



Welcome to the mysterious and bewitching realm of Kingdom of The Dead™. This new slot game transports you to ancient Egypt, with ancient symbols, famous pharaohs and Egyptian gods. Get ready for a thrilling adventure through the 5×3 reels of this exciting game.

Description of the game:


In Kingdom of The Dead™, each turn of the reel immerses you in the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. Symbols include scarabs, the afterlife god Anubis, and legendary pharaohs. To claim a win, you must line up winning combinations on one of the 10 paylines.

The game offers an exciting bonus experience. To access it, you will need to get three scatter symbols. Once in the bonus, you will have the choice between two rounds of free spins. The first bonus selects a special symbol that will span all subsequent spins, increasing your chances of winning. The second bonus awards a different special symbol each spin, ensuring a unique experience with each spin.

Release date and game details:


Kingdom of The Dead™ will be available from April 24, 2023. The game symbol is identified as vs10kingofdth, with a numerical game ID of 1669644165. Minimum bets per line are 0.01, allowing a full wager minimum of 0.10. Players can increase the excitement by placing a maximum bet of 250.00, or 375.00 with the Ante Bet betting option. The reels are made up of 5 columns and 3 rows, thus offering 10 paylines.

The bet multiplier is 10, offering the chance to win up to x10,000 your initial bet. The payout rate (RTP) varies between 94.08% and 96.07%, depending on the different game variants. The win frequency in the base game is around 1 win in 5.47 spins, while in the free spins game, it is around 1 win in 161 spins. The maximum wins have a frequency of 1 win in 4,636,069 spins, and the odds of winning over 1000x your stake are around 1 win in 37,519 spins. The volatility of the game is high, thus providing a gaming experience full of excitement and winning potential.

Availability and additional features:


Kingdom of The Dead™ will be available on the Pragmatic Replay platform, allowing players to enjoy the game on various devices. Additionally, the game offers a buy free spins feature, giving players the chance to access the bonus spins directly.



Prepare to embark on an epic adventure through ancient Egypt with Kingdom of The Dead™. This captivating game transports you to a mysterious world filled with ancient symbols and exciting bonuses. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this exciting new title and experience thrills with every turn of the roll. Be ready to achieve legendary victories and enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience.

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